I have over 30 years of experience in technology.


My company is my name and reputation.

more than just technology

I am here to help you to understand

I don’t like the term “Jack of all trades!” I prefer to think of myself as a technology handyman. Yes, I can repair computers and devices. I can install many peripherals. I write and repair code. In my line of work you have to be versatile.

I am not a web designer: I hire them; and or fix their errors. My expertise is to make your experience productive and enjoyable.

There are a lot of designers who will quote you a bottom line price to create a wiz-bang site. Most of the time they can be spot on. But, when they don’t get it right, I make it right.

Database design is not for amateurs. There is a method to getting the correct information in the correct order. Whether you choose to create an inventory or a time management system, database design takes time and thought.

You will hear some who say, “Programming is now just plug and play.” This is not only false but is also extremely dangerous. Too much code has been ripped-off and copied by nefarious individuals who would like nothing better than to compromise your system. A simple error in code; changing a multiplication to division- cost a major US bank well over a billion dollars. All of that happened because the “programmer” wanted to save a few lines of code.

I worked for one of the World’s largest cement companies. I developed a shipping program that was used up until the company was taken over. I was told they scrapped my code and designed their own shipping program. The shipping code they developed crashed: Mine never did!

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