I have over 30 years of experience in technology.


My company is my name and reputation.

more than just technology

I am here to help you to understand

use, enjoy, accomplish

I know that frustrations arise. A piece of software or a device doesn’t behave as you believe it should – schedule an appointment. Let me help you!

I prefer to think of myself as a technology handyman. Yes, I can repair computers and devices. I can install many peripherals. I write and repair code. In my line of work – I have to be versatile.

Database design is not for amateurs. There is a method to getting the correct information in the correct order. Whether you choose to create an inventory or a time management system, database design takes time and thought.

You will hear some who say, “Programming is now just plug and play.” This is not only false – but is also extremely dangerous. All too much code has been ripped-off and copied A simple error in code; changing a “*” to “/” – cost a major US bank several million dollars. All of that happened because the “programmer” wanted to save a few lines of code.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, SHHH! If your company is concerned about Cyber-Attacks, security issues – DO NOT RISK YOUR BUSINESS! Hire a Certified professional. I have contacts with several Well trained CISP’s who will work with you to secure your systems.

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